A combined Townsville Council, State Government, Commonweath and community base initiative to maintain and enhance
our healthy waterways in the coastal dry tropics.

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The Creek to Coral (C2C) program is a Townsville local government initiative, in partnership with the Queensland Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DERM) (formerly Environment Protection Agency - EPA), to maintain and enhance the waterways of the Coastal Dry Tropics.

The program promotes an infrastructure and community involvement based approach to total water cycle management across the Townsville local government areas.

From Creek ... to Coral

The program promotes a ‘whole of catchment’ perspective in aiming to help protect the local marine environment from the impacts of land-based activities. Its success is built on a partnering approach that integrates all levels of government, the community, sciences, business and industry.

The C2C program also managed the development of a Water Quality Improvement Plan (WQIP) for the Ross and Black River Basins (i.e. Townsville covering the Black and Ross River Basins funded by the Australian Government’s former Coastal Catchment Initiative (CCI) program.



To achieve and sustain healthy freshwater, estuarine and marine water ecosystems in the Coastal Dry Tropics by:


Mission Statement

To maintain healthy waterways and wetlands (i.e. from Creek to Coral) within the Townsville Coastal Dry Tropics catchments, through improvements in water quality and ecosystem health. This will be achieved through a partnership approach across all levels of government, the community and the sciences, business and industry sectors.



Creek to Coral core objectives are:

Further programme objectives are:


Structure of Creek To Coral

The Creek to Coral program was initially based on a partnership approach across Townsville and Thuringowa City Councils. Since the amalgamation of the two councils the management of the Creek to Coral program has been undertaken through Townsville City Council’s Integrated Sustainability Services. The previous structure consisted of a Project Control Group (PCG) with representatives from Townsville and Thuringowa City Councils, and the former Environment Protection Agency (EPA). It provided high level program direction while Townsville City Council provided day to day management support for the program with tasks managed by the Creek to Coral coordinator.

The program has also established four working groups based on themes and these are facilitated by the Creek to Coral coordinator. These groups make up the communication network of the Creek to Coral program and seek to promote information exchange and integration of activities. See Working groups.

Previous Role of the Project Control Group
The structure, role and function of the Project Control Group (PCG) is being reviewed. Previous functions of the PCG included:


Structure of Creek to Coral



The Creek to Coral program’s approach is infrastructure-based, meaning that it focuses on infrastructure affecting water quality of catchments, riverways and marine areas, such as:

This approach is based on local government actions across Townsville City Council, in partnership with the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (DEHP). The approach is also underpinned by community involvement and includes groups such as Creekwatch, Landcare, Reef Check and Seagrass Watch.

The Creek to Coral program functions as a framework, with the C2C Coordinator facilitating interaction between its major partners (including Townsville City Council, DERM, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and the Townsville Port Authority) and with its other stakeholders including community groups and schools, sciences, commerce and industry, traditional owners and government agencies.

In the delivery of its Total Water Cycle Management Program, Creek to Coral adopts a process approach. It identifies and defines linked activities affecting water quality in Townsville, and manages these interrelated activities as a system of processes. Creek to Coral emphasises the importance of continual improvement of processes based on objective indicators.

Map of Creek to Coral Interconnectedness 140KB

Themes Structure 125KB

Adaptive management
Creek to Coral works within an adaptive management framework, recognising that information is constantly updated and will evolve with the projects development and increasing longevity. An Adaptive management framework provides the flexibility to change existing structures and practices as knowledge increases, legislation changes and partnerships develop further potentially to extent beyond Townsville local government boundaries.


Business Plan

The Creek to Coral program has developed and implemented a Business Plan to guide the implementation of actions over the life of the Plan. Its also defines the objectives, principles and approach for the implementation of the program . The Business Plan enables and supports such activities as the management of the Coastal Catchments Initiative (CCI) project and implementation of the Black Ross (Townsville) Water Quality Improvement Plan.

Creek to Coral